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  Property Maintenance Services in Aspen-Snowmass

Private Property Management (PPM) can professionally repair, manage, and maintain your Aspen-Snowmass home or investment property by applying scheduled maintenance and service. It is PPM's approach that through a scheduled maintenance and service plan we can help you avoid more costly leeks, clogs, and equipment failures. If we come across a required repair outside of the typical realm of service, PPM can work with qualified, licensed, professional contractors.

Private Property Management will familiarize ourselves with the equipment and utilities incorporated into your Aspen-Snowmass home. At PPM, we want to be prepared for misapplied repairs prior to our involvement with your home.

We make every effort to avoid emergency repairs. In the unlikely event of an emergency with your home, Private Property Management will have your contact and access information readily available and contact you with a report.

With Private Property Management you can travel with piece of mind, knowing your home is in good hands. We'll have it ready when you come home.

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